Pop-up stalls

Who can say no to free Indian sweets and some samosas??

As part of raising awareness for the Square Mile India project myself and Gracie held a number of pop up stalls on the campus centre steps, for students and staff.  We had a lot of fun holding these stalls as we got to meet staff and students from a variety of faculties, as well as fighting the wind from blowing everything over.

Sweets are a large part of Indian culture, therefore we thought there is no better way to promote the project than to allow them to taste this element of India. We were giving away bags made up of delicious mithai (Indian sweets) such as Penda, coconut Barfia, Halwa and Kaju Katri. As well as giving people the chance to taste Indian sweets, we were selling fresh samosas with all the money going towards the project.

This stall proved to be very popular, we had a lot of staff and students come over to the stall to find out more about the project and also have their questions answered. We found having this stall allowed those who did not know about the project to find out more. Also this allowed us to clear up any confusion anyone had about the project, for example some thought it was a project purely to send students to India rather than it also aiming to  support a home for 120 children.

As a whole the stalls proved to be very successful in raising awareness of the project. The Indian sweets were snatched up very quickly. The same can go for the samosas, the amazing smell of them may have also helped with enticing people to buy them. We found a lot of students wanted to get involved with the project, whether this is through fundraising or helping us to spread the word of the project through their social media. Staff also were very keen to get involved with the project and supporting it.

A huge positive from the pop up stalls were the amount of voluntary donations we received, which go a long way in helping those children in Ahmedabad.


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By Manissa Patel