Visit to the Shree Wanza Community Centre

Part of the Square Mile India project is to connect the community in Leicester to the community in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In honour of this wonderful aim, the Shree Wanza Community Centre in Leicester allowed me to attend one of their monthly committee meetings to talk to the members of the community centre about the project.

I received a very warm welcome from the committee members and they were very attentive when listening to the project being explained. After I had explained the project and also showed them the video, I allowed for questions to be asked to clarify any points which they wished for me to expand on. They were keen to know about the work which students would be doing with the children in the hostel on their visits and the work which the product design students currently in India will be doing with the children.

The committee members expressed a great sense of gratitude towards the project, and were also extremely happy a project is in place which aims to break a very well-known cycle of poverty that is present in India as well as helping children who are disadvantaged. They were aware of the poverty which some individuals face in India and believe something needs to be done to reduce individual facing this in the future.

The committee members are very keen to be involved with the project, as they too wish to help those who are disadvantaged and believe all children deserve an education to help them prosper.


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By Manissa Patel