Lucky number

As part of our fundraising efforts, we decided to host an event which would be fun and engaging for the students and staff at DMU. This event involved participants making a donation to the project, picking a number and lifting the tab to see which prize they had won.

Prizes ranged from meal for 2 at Handmade Burger Co, a full platter at Nandos, Curve theatre vouchers, cocktail vouchers, Photo shoots, Chocolates, Body shop pampers sets and so on and every go was a guaranteed win.

Having these brilliant prizes could entice anyone! Who could resist a free meal or a chance to pamper themselves whilst also generously changing lives in India? It was a win win situation.

The majority of the prizes were kindly donated by local restaurants and shops, an act that we are very grateful for. By having these prizes donated meant we were also able to spread awareness of the project amongst local businesses in and around Leicester.

This event turned out to be successful; those who won the Curve tickets were excited to see the play, whilst those who won meal vouchers were happy they could have a delicious meal all knowing they had helped change children’s lives in Ahmedabad.



By Manissa Patel